Every now and then, with us, the subject of moving crops up. I don't think that's unusal in this day and age, when it's no big deal to up sticks and plant yourself, and your family, in a new environment, a new town, a new country, the other side of the world.

When we get to dreaming, we start looking online at houses for sale in the area we imagine ourselves living.

This has a twofold effect. Firstly, I look at other people's homes (something I LOVE doing anyway), and feel deeply dissatisfied with my own, scruffy little one. Then I get inspired! I see, and know, that the houses have been prepped, that they've cleared out their clutter and no doubt have crates of junk stowed away in the attic or neighbour's garage. I can do that! I can streamline! I can buy white paint and new, matching cushion covers. Why not?!

Then, I saw this house. Not too far out of our price range, this house did something to me. Sold almost as soon as it came on the market, it speaks to me in a way most houses do not. I could live here. I could go, now, today, with a little bag of toiletries and a change of clothes and live in this house. Forever.

Here are the pictures, which I downloaded to my hard drive so I can look at them, like an obsessed fan, over and over.

(Here too is the link to the original listing, but it will eventually die.)

This is an old kitchen, yet it looks so modern and accessible!

Low cost material create minimalist storage solutions.

Clutter free!


Ground/first floor  3D plan.
Ground/first floor plan.
First/second floor 3D plan.

First/second floor plan.
The imediate area is quiet, yet within walking distance of the city centre. Ideal!


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