Back to Life

Today has been the first day back to a normal routine here - school, fo Noah, Kenneth in his room working, me knitting and pottering and such, while watching films and TEDtv.

I managed to finish a Christmas present which I will send next week (Constantine interrupts the usual flow of knitting, so projects take longer). While knitting - or crocheting as the case was today - I like to watch TEDtv.

Sometimes, I'll get onto a theme and watch videos back to back, which is great. While watching I often think of friends or family who would love or appreciate the talk I've just seen, but, I'm knitting and watching, so I just keep knitting and watching.

By the end of the session, I hve a list of videos (or films) to recommend and , in this case, a list of people to resommend them to.

A post, I decided, would be the most suitable medium. 

First up is a talk by Diane Nyad, which was recommended to me by my darling. Never, Ever Give Up.

Which I followed up with another Diane Nyad talk, which she'd given a few years before... it might have been better to watch them in chronological order... ?

I floundered for a while then, until I found this gem, by Andrew Solomon on depression. 

About 15 minutes in he tells a story about a trip to Senegal where he's treated with a ritual which included, among other things, ram's blood. A few years later he goes to Rwanda and talks to somone about his experience in Senegal. The Rwandan's response is enlightening!

I might actually create a a page, specifically for these kind of link 


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