Feed. Now I know why it's called that. Cut and arranged (arbitrarily?) into bite-size pieces, my friends' updates are fed to me on Facebook,  as though I'm an infant or geriatric, incapable of working the spoon myself.
I have over 100 friends on Facebook,  but I see updates from the same handful of people. Some of these people are virtually strangers to me, (some of them ARE strangers!) while close friends and relatives, who I actually love and would like to stay in touch with, are left in the cold dark of the refrigerator.
At first, I thought the reason I didn't see updates from Jo, for example,  was because she wasn't active. Then, for some random reason (maybe a birthday), I looked at her profile page, and there it all was - morsels of information, like a buffet that had been hidden from me.
I went through more of my friends profile pages, and it was the same story. It makes no sense.
I know that a certain Facebook friend of mine has recently been on a road trip. I've seen all his updates and photos. I do like that sort of thing, travelling vicariously. But I don't really know this person. He's not related to me in any way.  I met him once at a party, many years ago, and we sang a duet on Sing Star. Nice man. That's it. The information of his experiences has nothing to do with me personally. It doesn't even stir in me the necessary desire to hit the Like button. I could read a National Geographic artical or watch a travel programme to achieve the same result. Whatever the primary objective of Facebook might be, I'm certain it is not to be like a magazine article. 
As an experiment, I've decided to hide from my feed everyone I see there regularly. It will be a temporary measure. I'm intrigued to see what, or who, the Mommy/nurse mechanism chooses to feed me next.
(Here's a link from my (genuine) friend, Tim Weaver - http://blog.bufferapp.com/understanding-facebook-news-feed-algorithm . I'm including it here to make known my awareness of it. It doesn't apply.)


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