Pancake Day Gluten Free (Not Guilt Free!) Banana Pancakes

After over a month without wheat, of any kind of wheat substitute (nor any junk or dairy!!!), today I just had to have pancakes!

I bought a packet of this...

I used about half the packet, added a pinch of salt a spoon of vanilla sugar, a spoon of dark brown sugar (farin) and about 20g of melted butter. I also added about half a spoon of ground nutmeg and enough water to form a decent batter. I added about a spoon of baking powder, but that was a bit too much - half would do. Plus, one over-ripe mashed banana!

I then let it stand at room temperature for about a couple of hours (not sure exactly how long - I was playing JewelStar, so I lost track of time).

Heat a pan and away you go! This amount made 5 good size pancakes.

Thanks to my cousin Julie for the inspiration! X


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