Let's Get Serious

Not really, though. I'm just going to talk about handbags, which, on the grand scale of everything, is not a serious subject. It is, however, important to understand the impact of the culture of handbags among women in our western society.

Serenade Aqua Geometic Print Leather Handbag
A thing of beauty.
Since succumbing to the phenomenon, I've had my eyes peeled, looking first at a woman's bag, then at the rest of her person. It's quite enlightening. Most women here are not bothered about having a good quality bag. There are lots of (obviously) synthetic leather on shoulders and in shops. An alarming amount, actually.

 In a swanky restaurant last weekend, I noticed a few objects of abject beauty. None of them brand names and only one on a woman under 45.

I also spotted a mini Céline Boston (I know the names, now!) on a young woman no more than 25. Bright red. Cute.
Retail price, $2,100.00

It's easy to be seduced by the names, but I really do want to avoid them as much as possible. It seems a little vulgar, to me. I understand the appeal. I understand that having something that has been sanctioned by the elite of the fashion and celebrity worlds can impart some of their glamour, a little bit of luxury, but it also feels a tiny bit ridiculous to lose sight of one's own sense of style for the sake of a brand name. This Céline bag is cute, I think, but I've lost the ability to be objective about whether or not I like it based on the merits of its form alone. It's such a status symbol!

Like it or not, there is a tendency for a women to be judged, favourably or otherwise, on her choice of handbag.

Handbag Heaven Infographic

Three more of my bags have arrived since my last post - seven, if we're going to include the four that have arrived at my sisters' addresses! So, I'm going to put off reviewing them until I can do it properly, when all the bags I have bought are actually in my possession.

I found this glossary of bag shapes useful. I'm having great fun with this whole thing, I have to admit. Thankfully, I have friends and sisters who I can confer endlessly with... (with whom I can confer, endlessly, I mean). One thing has come to light, if I'm going to take this project seriously, I need to define the functions of each bag and decide what kind of bag I want for that function. For example, do I want a clutch that doubles as a crossbody?

Or, do I simply have one awesome nightime spangly party clutch? And one fun and functional cross body for running around town?

I know I'm spending a small fortune now on all these purchases, but one other thing I have learned recently, I'll have no trouble re-selling them.


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