Journal Burning

In the spirit of minimalism and letting go of the past, I decided it was time to burn my journals.

I decided to destroy them a while ago, and today, due to a lack of fire wood, I decided to have a go. I had a conversation with my daughter a long time ago, instructing her that I didn't want her or anyone else to read my journals (in case something happened to me before I had a chance to destroy them). She said I could have them buried with me. A good idea, I thought, but why hold on to any of it any longer?

The photographs are a little blurry because of the low light.

2001, the worst year of my life, soon committed to flame.

After finding some unused notes and a precious photograph of the kids,
I meticulously went through each journal to prevent the destruction of any other hidden treasures.

I got through all but three journals yesterday. The sheer volume of paper meant that the wood burner just couldn't handle them all at once. Today, the task will be completed.



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