30 Day Minimialism Game - Day 01

I've gathered together a few items to purge, but I realised, as soon as I started thinking about what to get rid of, this game is going to be a huge challenge.

Not only will finding [30(30+1)/2] items be difficult, but also deciding how to get rid of them.

Today's item is a bag of used, plastic carrier bags.

I try, as much as possible to use reusable bags when I go shopping, but there are days when the groceries just don't all fit into the bags I have with me and I need to buy a plastic one. These accumulate in the cupboard under the sink. So now, I have this big bag of plastic carriers. What do I do with them? I can't, in good conscience, just throw them away, knowing that they'll go in some landfill and never biodegrade or go to the incinerator and add further to the toxic fumes. Is that really what I have to do? Apparently, yes. If I'm going to play this game properly, it seems I need to suspend my environmentalist conscience for 30 days.

There's also this hat, which I knitted for myself, but is too big.

Do I just throw that away? Do I just put it in the bin? I've decided that I'll make an oasis, in my bedroom. It's a large black bin liner, and it already has 34 items in it. I did count them, This will go to the local charity shop.

The next great challenge is that I'm already a minimalist. I purge regularly, which is why there's a bin liner of 34 things, already waiting to go to the charity shop. So my partner, Sigrid, will most definitely win, but, I have to say, I'm really looking forward to this challenge. I want to see just how minimalist I can be.


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