All Change, Please!

From 10th January


I'm doing something unusual, right now. It's Friday evening and I'm writing this at the dining table, laptop on my lap, the TV is on, Noah watching Planes, Kenneth is watching Netflix on the other laptop. Ordinarily I write my blog posts in the day, when I have this room to myself, but limiting myself like that, means either not writing a blog post or waiting and hoping that I get the chance over the weekend to write one. Neither of thse options appeal to me.

I'm constantly distracted and I keep making typos, but the point I want to make is that I need to keep changing. Even if I love something, or depend on it, I need to be willing to let go of it in order to make room for whatever comes next.

I've had a wonderful week, busy and fulfilling, and  look forward to this weekend which I'll used to research some things (Zen, yoga...) and watch films/TV and knit and keep house and maybe bake!

OK, I'm just going to save this as a draft and look at it again tomorrow... I can't even determine if it's legible!


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