Hue Who?

This is bizarre! I recently (five years ago, or so) found out that I have a low level of red-green colour blindness. I've always known that I'm bad with colour and have avoided it, mostly, opting for white interiors and grey clothing, with a few exceptions. But I do love colour, as my extensive nail varnish collection will attest.

Every now and then, though, I see a colour that makes my heart leap.

I'm not one for playing games, these days. I'd rather do something productive, but Noah's been ill for a few days and I've been sitting in around in my PJs (as a gesture of solidarity) so I started playing this on my phone... Neon Flow.

See those two spots without lines, the red and the blue? They made my heart leap! So much so that I had to 'have' them! I screen-captured the image and isolated and expanded the colours.

Then I went about trying to find a name for them. I wasn't even sure if the 'blue' was blue or the 'red' red!

Eventually, I found this amazing website, which tells you the name and hue of any colour. So I drag the meter around until I find a close match (with my limited ability), and here are the results... both Persian!



(Do let me know if you think the matches I've made are wrong.)


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