Dark Winter Journey

Some time ago, a friend invited me to have my personal colours analysed. This was something I'd thought of before and was keen to try. As I've said before, being very slightly red-green colour blind, I’ve learned to avoid colour and my wardrobe consists overwhelmingly of grey. Marl grey, to be precise. We agreed on a date and were both very excited.

My new make up palette.

However, almost two weeks ago, on Sunday 18th May, Noah came down with his regular attack of mucus overload. We’ve been given prescriptions by specialist and our family doctor, but nothing can prevent or ease the symptoms of this horrible affliction.

Since he was about six months old, he’s had these attacks. It starts with a headache and a runny nose and develops into a state where angling his head past the true vertical incurs a head ache and/or an avalanche of mucus, down the throat, out of the nose or into the ears. It’s horrific, at best causing extreme discomfort, at worst threatening to choke him.

So, when he was tiny, we’d sleep sitting up, he on my chest, me propped up with pillows. Now that he's almost the same size as I am, he’s on one sofa, propped up with pillows and I’m on the other, curled up and doing my best to stay awake, to keep him company, to offer encouragement when needed.

It lasts about a week, sometimes less, rarely longer. This time it lasted until yesterday. Ten nights of broken sleep, ten days of despondency.

Although not a hundred per cent well, he managed to go to school yesterday. And yesterday I had my colour analysis. I was so close to cancelling! I looked tired, I was exhausted, my limbs ached, my eyes had receded into my head… not ideal attributes for sitting in front of a mirror for a good hour. But I thought to myself, ‘If I cancel now, who knows when I’ll get the opportunity to go.’ So, I put on some makeup and hoped that my mood wouldn’t let me down.

Now, I’m not going to go into the details of the session. It was a very special, intimate experience, which, I do believe has changed my life. I know that sounds dramatic, but it’s how it feels.

I’ve never had psychotherapy and I’ve never spoken to a spiritualist or a clairvoyant, but I imagine that the experience of being in communion with someone whose sole focus is geared on you and your person, and helping you to become better aquainted with it/yourself, is very similar to my experience with Jorunn.

This is the location. Image from Fargeporten.no

I'm convinced, too, that there is something very special about Jorunn and her studio where the analysis takes place, secluded, discreet and energising. It's a pearl... and Jorunn is a diamond. I came home feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, I glowed and I was deeply happy, and, amazingly, not at all tired!

Included in the analysis, made up with high quality, Tromborg make-up.

From The Philosophers' Mail
Later the same day, I received my report, a PDF file via email. It’s all there, in black and white – what I should wear, what I should avoid wearing… and this is it, this is the crux of the whole thing, it’s a document, a guide, on how to better know myself, a tool to help in my crusade for a life of less.

It sounds powerful, it may even sound cultish, but there are so few occasions in life that clearly mark, or even initiate, the beginning of a new chapter in such a positive way. Having been concerned with how I dress since I was very young (I wanted to study fashion), I understand the power of a well-fitting garment as well as the damage caused by an ill-fitting one, it’s so much more than ‘just’ a colour analysis. It’s being in touch with that elusive authentic self, it’s being a step closer to being rid of the costly mistakes of misguided clothing investments - costly in terms of personal space, time, money and the environment - badly chosen clothes, handbags, shoes, makeup, jewellery...

I don’t exaggerate when I say that I believe everyone should have a Personal Colour Analysis, and at this high standard. It's an investment, and the rewards are overwhelming.

Info & Links:
To make an appointment, contact Jorunn at jorunn@fargeporten.no
Fargeporten.no in English and in Norwegian


  1. Hi, I'm also a Dark Winter, which brought me to your blog. Great to find the colors we look best in! As for your little guy, I hope he's feeling better. You'd be surprised what symptoms can result from a food allergy. I'd take him off all dairy first, then try all gluten, then try all meat. I notice I personally have more mucus problems when I eat more dairy, so start with that. Just a suggestion, hope it helps. :)


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