A Woman's (Parent's) Work...

This morning, before leaving for school, Noah said, "It's alright for you, you can just stay at home."


I began to explain what it means to be a parent, that I am actually at work when I'm at home and that I don't get weekends or holidays or Christmas or even evenings. I explained, as many parents before me have explained, that I am at work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

He just looked at me, eyes wide. I had his attention, so I continued.

"For example," I said, and I began to list a few of the chores and tasks I have before me this morning,
"... and then when you get home, I need to help you with your homework and start preparing the dinner."

I asked him then, "Can you remember some of the chores I need to do today?"
He remember the first three.

"That's why I need to write a list!" I said.

Incomplete list of the days responsibilities.

I can add, 'write blog post' to this list now, too.


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