Oh Dear

Feeling pro-active, I decide to start the long process of setting up my Etsy shop, today.

First step, think up a username, which will also be the name of my shop, I decide.
I choose Kookichoo. It's taken.
I choose Kookoodolls... then Kookoodoo. That's okay, but looks funny.
I change it to KuKuDu. That's taken, so I settle on KuKuDo... bit like Sudoku - I love Sudoku. Yay!

I set it all up, start editing the profile then realise something... translated from Norwegian means, KuKuDo means CowCowLoo - 'Loo' as in the informal (and most widely used) word for toilet.

Not sure little humans will want to snuggle up to a CowCowToilet doll.

Unfotunately, the username can't be changed... Time to start over then.


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