My Fiscal Logic

I bid on this gold shopping bag on eBay. 100% leather, beautiful, fun.

This isn't the actual bag. The image was removed by someone... this bag is available on Etsy, here.
But, it was £30 + £13 postage, and I don't need. I already have a gold shopping bag, 100% leather, beautiful. So i was relieved when, at the last minute, literally, I was outbid. That's £43 saved!

Then, on the run up to Christmas, in the fog of online spending, I clicked on a 'Free UK Delivery' option on Amazon. Earlier this week, I noticed that £79 had been deducted from my bank account. I had, unwittingly, subscribed to a year of Amazon Prime. I contacted Amazon and, because I hadn't used any of the privileges, I got a full refund. That's £79 saved!

£43 + £79 = £122 not spent! £122 saved and can therefore... spend! 


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